Get ready folks for an amazing cooking class. I’ll be live on three platforms:

Periscope – @DariusCooks

Facebook –

Instagram – @DariusCooks

Here’s a link for your menus, shopping lists, and recipes!


Fizzy Citrus Sangria

Butter and Brown Sugar Salmon

Roasted Cherry Tomato Spaghetti with Shrimp

Lemon Pepper Green Beans with Brown Sugar Bacon

Whipped Cream Cheese Lemon Blondies


  1. Thank you, I’m on the mailing list..I will watch. I’m out of work right now, so can’t buy the ingredients..but I will watch… I’ve cooked a long time, professionly… I’m there..

  2. My favorite part of watching you, is watching you eat it. Anytime you need a test tester, I’m yours Darius lol. #KeepCooking

  3. Please add me to your Facebook contacts.I would like to invite you to join my food group on facebook. My group is called Dot’s Kitchen.The photo image for the group, is a food collage.I only mention that for a point of referencebecause their are many groups with the same name.

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