I’m upset. Apparently an Apple Pie McFlurry exists, but it’s only in Australia. What? Why? There better be another press release soon announcing the Apple Pie McFlurry’s debut here in the United States. Oreo McFlurries (with extra, extra Oreo) are delicious but I need to know what the goodness of an Apple Pie McFlurry tastes like.

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UberEats partnered with McDonald’s to bring the treat to Australia this Fall, and I’m still wondering why we can’t share in the glory that is apple chunks and crust mixed with vanilla ice cream. Of course the I guess ‘bootleg’ way to do it, according to Delish, is to just buy an apple pie and get some vanilla ice cream and make it yourself. But I shouldn’t have to y’all!

Do y’all feel my pain on this one or are you good with the Oreo and M&M McFlurries?