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All Sit-Down Restaurants in Magic Kingdom Now Serve Alcohol!

Parents and family friends rejoice! Now when you travel to Disney World you’ll have just a little bit more fun. Now when you visit the Magic Kingdom, in Orlando, if you sit down to eat you can get some liquor too!

Taking the kids to Disney World can be a lot, so this could be a nice little moment for you all to take a break and relax. Or if you and bae just want to go to have some fun at the park with the rides (like in those cheesy movies) it’s going to be nice to have that extra little adult activity.

(Photo by Matt Stroshane/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Now before we get too excited, this is strictly for sit-down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. So sorry y’all but no stroller in one hand drink in the other. Disney is really making some improvements though! Back when they first opened it was a strict zero-tolerance policy for alcohol. Is this change going to make you more apt to take that vacation?

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