Now I know most of us are wary of flying United since their scandals a couple of years ago, but if you need a reason to try again this might be it. Remember those stroopwafel cookies? The caramel wafer cookies? If you’re used to flying United then I know you remember when they took the cookies away. Well, new year new United because the stroopwafel is back!

New Year. New United Airlines!

If you’ve never had the chance to taste the stroopwafel then I can confidently say you’re missing out. It’s a thin caramel wafer cookie that tastes like they took their sweet time making it (pun maybe intended). Now I’m not suggesting you plan a trip just to taste the cookie, buuuuut why not? Visit Atlanta and try one, or both, of my restaurants while you’re here! Greens & Gravy and Soul Crab ATL would love to see you!