Every year new trends are set and some old ones come back into the fold. When it comes to food I’m sure we can count on at least one hand some trends that we’re ready to see disappear in 2016 but today we’re going to focus on what the food industry predicts will be the greatest food trends for 2016…and 2 of them surprisingly have nothing to do with food.

2015 was an interesting year for the food industry with lots of talk about fair and equal pay, reaching the Millenials, and serving quality food fast, food insiders have had a lot on their plates (no pun intended). Believe it or not, companies like Uber, Google and Amazon are throwing their hats into the food marketplace and changing the dining experience for us all.

So what are the experts saying is in store for us foodies in 2016? Baum+Whiteman International Restaurant Consultants recently released their predictions and we can’t say that we’re mad…let’s see what food has in store for us next year.

10 Culinary Predictions for 2016

Uberizing of The Restaurant: Doesn’t it suck when your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver and you have zero time to run out of the office to go pick it up? Well, the folks at Google, Uber and Postmaster feel our pain! As a result, they’ll be partnering with several local faves to offer delivery right to your front door. But that’s not all, more grocery stores are getting in the game of offering to deliver your entire shopping list for a monthly fee. Could you imagine never needing to go to the market again? This, is major!

Going Clean: That’s right, we’re getting more serious about our health and not compromising taste in the process. Next year you can expect to see companies offering more “clean” and healthy options and using more natural and unprocessed foods.

Farewell Pasta: Did you know that pasta sales have dropped over 20%…in Italy and nearly 10% here in the State? Well, it seems that with the growth of the healthy/clean eating movement and new trends like squash spaghetti we’ll be seeing less carb filled pasta dishes.

How We Should Tip: The matter of tipping has long been a hot topic of discussion as well as how food industry employees are paid. It’s no secret that the wages between servers, bartenders and kitchen staff are extremely different and people who work in the industry are fed up. Expect to hear this conversation continue and look for some major changes in how servers and cooks are paid.

Poke (Poh key): This Hawaiian staple has already made its way to LA and you’ll soon see people eating this fish bowl of sorts in major metro cities. The raw fish (normally Ahi Tuna)  is served atop a bed of seaweed flavored rice infused with a Japanese inspired marinade.

Return To Culture: We pretty much eat foods from all cultures but can you say that you’ve really ever eaten Jewish cuisine? Well you’ll definitely have a chance to next year. More and more chefs are digging into the Jewish culture in hopes to make some of their cultural foods our new favorites.

Acai Bowls: You’ve probably already seen a ton of them on Pinterest and Instagram but these healthy, superfood packed bowls are the newest “thing” for hipsters. The good thing is that when made properly you question if you’re really eating healthy. The bad thing is that one of these bowls will likely cost you upwards of $10.

Year of The Chicken: There’s just no escaping the power of an excellent piece of fried chicken. No matter how healthy we get there will always be a longing for a golden brown, crisp piece of chicken. Expect to see more restaurants offer fried chicken dishes to tease your tastebuds.

Nashville’s On The Map: That’s right, Nashville is having its glory days now that everyone has caught on to the Nashville Hot chicken. Of course this has been a city jewel for ages but you know what happens when the masses find out about it. It’s so popular that Nashville Hot is the flavor of the year for 2016.

Spice of The Year: Tumeric: Can’t say that I’ve actually ever cooked with this spice but get ready to become more familiar with it in 2016.

I’m here for the expanded food delivery, acai bowls and Nashville Hot Chicken in 2016…and you know Darius will keep the D-Hive up-to-date on good eats! With that said, have an amazing New Year and I can’t wait to talk more food with you in the coming year.

2016 ahead road sign over blue sky with clouds
2016 ahead road sign over blue sky with clouds