I know people go a little hard for St. Patrick’s Day, but I didn’t know y’all were going THIS hard. I’ve gotten a bottle, or two (or three), to celebrate before, even though I’m not sure there’s any Irish lineage anywhere in my family tree. The point is, I understand this need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What I don’t understand is putting liquor in cheese. That’s the part where Aldi has me a little confused.

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I told you they went all out, didn’t I? Someone make it make sense, please. Now, I’m not one to judge anyone’s turn up but we all have to admit if your best girlfriend showed up with the Aldi Irish Cheddar with Irish Beer you’d give a couple of side eyes. I’m just saying! Did I mention there’s liquor-infused pesto gouda cheese as well? Yup, that means it’s green. They were not playing with this theme, honey! There are cheeses filled with bourbon, whiskey, beer, you naaaaame it! So, I have to know, will you be trying these?


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