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Would You Eat Cannabis-Infused Food?


This new year we not only celebrated the beginning of a new decade but also yet another state has legalized cannabis. If you’re an Illinois resident you probably stood in those ridiculous lines to mark your spot in history on the 1st. Hopefully, you were smart and had someone go for you instead.

Now I heard, from a friend, that when you ingest cannabis (ok we’re all family right? I’m saying weed from now on ok? Ok.) it hits just a liiiiitle bit more and faster. So I have to ask, would you eat food that had weed in it?

I know you’re thinking it, yes cannabis-infused food is a fancy word for an edible. And no, edibles aren’t just brownies or cookies. Edibles have gotten really fancy out here. Anybody see 2 Chainz get really high while trying some food on his show Most Expensivest? He got high on an edible meal worth some people’s car notes. I’ve even seen french onion soup on a dispensary menu.

Above you can see medical cannabis cotton candy exists. Who knew you could satisfy a sweet tooth, a high, and medical issues all at once? They’re getting creative.

If you reside in a legal state, and over the age of 21, try it and let me know what you think! Let me know if lobster with weed butter makes it taste any better. Or if my lemon pepper honey fried chicken glaze could use an extra ingredient. I wonder though if you eat food infused with marijuana will you just keep getting hungrier? Let me know if that happens too. If you do, you know where to come for recipes to satisfy those munchies.


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