Yesterday Popeyes broke the internet. The popular fast-food chain isn’t in the headlines for the spicy chicken sandwich that had people fighting anymore. This time their name is everywhere because of fashion. Yeah, I know, fashion and not chicken? Popeyes has officially launched its own uniform merch based on BeyoncĂ©’s new Ivy Park line.

What made bite off Queen Bey you ask? Well, they noticed the striking similarities in the color scheme between their uniforms and the recently launched Ivy Park. To be honest they’re not lying. It’s definitely a resemblance there. So now here comes the most important question: who wore it better?

Yeah, the resemblance is FASHO undeniable. I see why Popeyes felt the need to do this. And they moved quickly! Bey only launched her new Ivy Park line a couple of weeks ago. Whoever thought of this idea wasted not one millisecond. So, who are you rocking? Ivy Park or Popeyes Park?


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