Have you ever wanted to make vegan milk at home? Honestly, I didn’t even know you could. Anything is possible in the world of vegan I’m convinced. Bleeding plant-based burgers, vegan cheese made out of nuts, and now you can make your milk at home. Modest Mylk has the latest at home milk recipe, all made from nuts!

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Modest Mylk has a new line nut-based product and it comes with six different flavors. Or, six different nuts I guess. You get to choose from cashew, chocolate, coco-nut, macadamia, oat-nut, and vanilla. Wow. Imagine just adding water and boom, there’s your coco-nut milk on the counter ready to drink. You can make 11 cartons of this stuff too. Yes, each jar comes with enough to make that big of a batch. You can find it on their┬ásite now. Would you be willing to try it?

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