Before I even start this story, let me say this. Hands down, Hidden Vally Ranch Dressing is one of my faves. Nothing really compares to it. I’m a Chicago kid and well, ranch dressing goes on lots of things – not just salad. Definitely wings, raw veggies, I even add it to my Italian Beef (dipped with hot peppers and cheese and served on garlic bread from Albanos).


I mean, I even love the stuff so much, I make my own for salads. No, really.I made a batch just last night.

But, I digress.

If you’re in the market for a cute idea this season, you can now pick up an entire KEG of ranch dressing.

Here’s the run down:

-The keg is 10 inches in height.

-It holds 5 liters of ranch dressing.

-It flows out of the tap like wine.

-You can preorder the keg and it’ll ship starting on 12/11…just in time for holiday parties.

If you want to order, click here: Order

Be honest, are you ordering?


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