Not sure if you’ve seen this or not. But, apparently when Gary Joe Ahrns went shopping at Walmart in Celina, OH a few days ago, he was mighty upset at what he saw. There were dozens of shopping carts sitting outside and employees were throwing away tons of meat, milk, butter, cakes, etc.

Well, that didn’t make Gary very happy. Here’s his rant:

Boy, was he upset.

Here’s Walmart’s response:

All in all, the food wasn’t safe to eat – despite the fact that none of the products had reached their expiration dates. But, there was a tornado in the area and it knocked out power for 14 hours. So, Walmart made the decision that since it was unsafe for consumption, to get rid of it all together.

Good job, Walmart. There’s always more to the story that what meets the eye.

What do you think about Walmart’s response?


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