If there’s one thing I know vegan prospects fear, it’s the thought of giving up ice cream. When it comes to dairy it’s a little bit easier to give up things like eggs, or maybe even cheese for some, but ice cream? That’s a universal heartache for those who transition into the vegan lifestyle. So clearly we can appreciate when our favorites come through with the vegan options! Häagen-Dazs is blessing us with more than one flavor of vegan ice cream, and Nestle just partnered with delivery service Loop to distribute it!

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Loop is a new delivery service kind of like Postmates where you can have anything from select food stores delivered to you. But there’s one big difference, all the packaging used with Loop is reusable. Nestle, the makers of Häagen-Dazs has their vegan flavors in reusable aluminum packaging. Ok, come through green options!

Now let’s get into these vegan flavors! Häagen-Dazs is giving us three vegan favorites to choose from with the Loop service: Coconut Caramel, and Mocha Chocolate Cookie. Wow. Mocha what now?! Y’all I’m telling you this might be my new favorite guilty (but not-so-guilty) pleasure. The service is being tested in New York but will hopefully be available everywhere soon!

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