Sheesh! First Frank’s RedHot and now TUMS. Everyone is trying to give away money this Superbowl Sunday. That’s right guys if you have time to tweet during the game this Sunday you have a chance at winning $54,000!

Y’all $54,000 is a lot of money. Like, can you imagine how many pizzas I could get? But seriously a family’s world could change with that kind of money and TUMS is making it pretty easy to win it.

You know how on Superbowl Sunday everyone eats food that’s ridiculously bad for them? And almost every year you end up with heartburn? Well TUMS wants to hear about it. If you end up regretting that second hot dog or that third plate of ribs, take a picture and tweet it. All you have to do is make sure you use #TUMSWORTHYsweepstakes and the ‘TUMS’ emoji. No, they don’t actually have an emoji they just sort of hijacked the blue dot emoji.

Well, not you know what do to if you want a chance at that $54,000. It’s super easy so you should definitely try. Hey, don’t be surprised if you see me tweeting my own ‘TUMS worthy moment’ too. Good luck!


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