Trolli Celebrates 2018 MVP James Harden Win with $2,677 Gym Shoe Shaped Candy

You guys know how James Harden has teamed up with Trolli before? I think most of us have seen the gummy worm beard commercial right? Well now the Houston Rocket player is celebrating his MVP win the candy company in a huge way: $2,677 gym shoe shaped candy. Yuuup.

Image result for trolli sneaker candy

If you’re not in to spending almost 3 stacks, you can get the regular sized gym shoe candy which are going to be Trolli’s Sour Bites.

Now if you’re wondering, ‘why in the world does it have to be $2,677?’ Well that’s the number of points James Harden scored during his run for MVP. Wow. There were three pairs of the candy made but only one is still available on Amazon. Are y’all trying to cop these to add to your collection? Or would you just eat the $2,677 worth of candy if you did?

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