The Royal Family has been the talk of the nations this past week as Harry and Meghan broke the news they would be stepping down from their royal positions and obligations. They want to be independent of the crown completely meaning don’t even want any of Queen Elizabeth II’s coin anymore! Crazy right?

I know everyone wishes they were a fly on the wall when the queen found out, but congrats on Harry being the best husband he can be. I mean he’s leaving his family because his wife needed to be somewhere that wasn’t toxic. If my husband isn’t willing to give me that type of love and support I don’t want him!

Earlier this week the Queen of England finally spoke her mind saying she supported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s position and will allow them to spend their transition period in Canada. Until they make their way to North America, Harry and Meghan will have quite the palette change when it comes to what they’re eating. So let’s take a look at some of the Canadian delicacies our favorite royal couple might be enjoying soon.


This dish shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to us here in the United States. No, we don’t usually put cheese curds and gravy on our french fries but we’re definitely familiar with the loaded fries wave. This is a Canadian staple so I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry and Meghan at least try it.

Canadian Maple Bacon

What’s a trip to Canada without having some maple syrup? If our favorite couple decides to brunch they’re definitely going to want some of this for those waffles or pancakes. More likely French toast.

Butter Tarts

This famous gooey Canadian dessert would be a lovely treat for Harry and Meghan to enjoy. I actually want one myself! They look delicious and who doesn’t love a pastry with brown sugar? The brown sugar maple syrup combo rarely goes wrong.

Regardless of what Harry and Meghan end up eating during their stay in Drake and Justin Bieber’s homelands, I definitely wish them the best!


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