There’s A New Sweet Earth ‘Chicken’ Product Coming To Target!

It’s not easy to find vegan food that’s good. I know my vegans out there can attest to that. It’s even harder to find good plant-based meats to eat. Not all meat substitutes can take the place of meat when it comes to taste. Nestle’s Sweet Earth brand is taking a stab at it though because this year they’re releasing their new product “Mindful Chik’n”!

Image result for mindful chik'n

Now, what other stores could hold a product like this? Targét (well Target to the non-Bougie) of course! The Mindful Chik’n will be in not one, but two new food bowls this April. The first is a Filipino Bowl and the second is a Chinese Mindful Chik’n Bowl with Black Bean Sauce. Mmm that sounds good I wouldn’t mind at least trying it! Will you be trying these new Sweet Earth products in April?

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