There’s 40 More Hard Rock Cafes Where You Can Enjoy The Impossible Burger!

2019 isn’t even two weeks old yet, and The Impossible Burger is having a pretty good year! I just told you all that they were developing The NEW NEW Impossible Burger right? No, not a vegan burger based on Lauren London’s ATL character. But literally The Impossible Burger 2.0. Now, more people will get to experience the critically acclaimed vegan burger because it just got added to 40 new Hard Rock Cafe locations!

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Now, be warned vegans. This burger does come with cheese but you can, of course, request it be off the burger. According to VegNews you’re going to have to not include the bun either for it to be really vegan. But the good news is there are things you won’t have to take off your burger. You can leave the lettuce, tomato, and the fried onion ring. So on your next vacay, or just when you have some time, will you be headed to check out the Impossible Burger at Hard Rock Cafe?

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