Y’all. Today is the last day of our Vegan, But With Soul month. I’m a little sad. I’m going to miss talking about the vegan lifestyle with you guys! And giving you all the vegan recipes every night on my lives was a whole event ok? Y’all were the best audience. I’m going to start the day off by giving you some good news. There’s a new vegan treat you can snack on at Walmart and it’s Emmy’s Organics macaroons!

Emmy’s Organics is debuting their vegan cookies in multiple flavors at 38,000 Walmarts in the US. That means a loooot of you have the option to find a nice little vegan sweet to snack on! I’m all about the guilt-free snacks ok? Vanilla Bean, Lemon Ginger, Chocolate Chip are just some of the flavors you can choose from! Are you going to be trying the vegan snack anytime soon?


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