If you’re a basketball watcher then you know the Eastern and Western Conference Finals are in their last rounds. The Cleveland Cavaliers are going up against the Boston Celtics in the East. While the Golden State Warriors are going against the Houston Rockets in the West. All four teams are competing for the chance to get another ring in the NBA Finals this summer. Unfortunately the Bulls didn’t make it anywhere near the finals but there’s always next year.

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Taco Bell is in on the NBA Finals with their Steal a Game, Steal a Taco campaign. During the finals, if a team wins while not at home then all Taco Bell’s will give away free Doritos Locos tacos.

There are two dates for the free tacos: June 13 and June 20. If an away teams wins during games 1-3, we get free Tacos on the 13th. If an away teams wins during games 4-7, we get free tacos on the 20th. If you weren’t already invested in the NBA Finals (like you should be, lol) then will you be paying more attention since free tacos are involved??


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