I know it’s a Monday morning but I have some good news that will remind you of the weekend! You know rosé is like the trend everywhere right where liquor is concerned? Everyone loves a bottle of rosé. If alcohol on the sweet side isn’t your thing I get it but you can rarely go wrong with it. I guess Svedka knows that too because there’s rosé vodka coming to a store near you!

Image result for rose svedka

The new Svedka drink has just 5% wine in it. I’m already thinking of all the drinks I could make with this. Rosé drinks will go well in the springtime right? Now I can’t help but think of all the recipes that could be paired with this. If you want to try the new rosé vodka, you can find it on store shelves starting in February. Ooh, this might even be nice for Valentine’s Day. WIll you all be trying it?

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