More robots?? I guess we really are about to start seeing more of them! Well the latest robot news now is that Starship Technologies wants their cooler-sized autonomous robots to be used in a college campus and business delivery service.

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Although there aren’t any official partnerships just yet, Starship has been testing the robots at a Mercedes Benz industrial factory in Germany, and at Intuit’s 4.3 acre Mountain View facility. Starship’s CEO,¬†Ahti Heinla, says they’re ready to have thousands of robots at a few hundred college campuses. That’s crazy! They really are moving fast.

The service would be part of a monthly subscription and it is projected to be not too expensive. Cities in California have also already passed bills allowing a certain number of robot designated sidewalks. The future really is here.

Are y’all cool with a robot delivering your pizza at night? It definitely sounds interesting!


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