Welp, the holiday season is upon us. This means it’s time to sing with cheer and glee and prepare for sleigh bells and family dinners. This also means it’s time for Starbucks’ annual reveal on their new holiday drink. It’s a new Holiday White Chocolate Mocha. And, if you use whole milk and get whipped cream, the Venti version will set you back a whopping 560 calories.

Here are your alternatives to 560 calories:

  1. A McDonald’s Snack Wrap, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, Cuties, Side Salad, and apple slices.
  2. 2 crunch tacos from Taco Bell, plus an order of Mexican rice.
  3. A salad from Chipotle…add sofritas, pinto beans, fajita veggies, roasted corn salsa, and you can even get cheese.
  4. A Whopper Jr. Sandwich (without mayo), an order of oatmeal, a garden side salad and apple slices.
  5. A grilled chicken wrap and a 4 piece chicken nugget…fried.
  6. A 9-piece chicken stars order from Carl’s Jr and a garden side salad.
  7. A classic taco, soft taco, and a taco al carbon w/chicken from Del Taco.
  8. A 6″ Veggie Delite with Poblano Corn Chowder and a Gingerbread Cookie from Subway.

But, if you must have the new toasted white chocolate mocha – it’s made with caramelized flavors of white chocolate, is topped with whipped cream, and has candied cranberry sugar. Yes…candied cranberry sugar.

It launches today…you grabbing one?




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