Y’all we are doing anything at this point. Just anything. Pizza is probably the one thing you can have a million versions of and they’re all going to be good. But does that mean we should just try any and everything? I guess so because Pizza Hut is doing the most and honestly I might just like it. For a limited time, Pizza Hut is offering mozzarella stick pizza crust.

I love mozzarella sticks as much as the next person so I really can’t be mad at this. When I first heard of the pizza I thought the crust would actually be the consistency of a mozzarella stick and it would be cheese filled. I was wrong. Pizza Hut’s new Mozzarella Poppers Pizza has tiny mozzarella bites literally sitting on top of the pizza crust.

Um…ok. I don’t know why they went for this and not just literal mozzarella cheese stick crust but hey. Who am I to judge? You can pick the mozzarella bites off and dip them in marinara sauce or you could just eat your slice like usual. I guess it’s nice they give you the option.

I’m going smash with this one. No matter how awkwardly the mozzarella bites are placed, this is still going to be delicious. What do you think? Will you be headed to Pizza Hut soon to try it out?


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