Hostess CupCakes are just one of those timeless desserts. Are they the best tasting or best for you? No, not really but they still hit the spot. We’re used to the chocolate flavor that has been in gas stations and Walmart’s for years but now there’s a mint chocolate flavor and strawberry flavor. I need to know would these be a smash or a pass?

Both of these flavors are very…different. We’ve all seen the mint chocolate combination a million times over so I’m not too surprised by it but strawberry? Eh, strawberry isn’t something I don’t think I’m looking forward to. I just don’t usually do the strawberry chocolate combination.

If you want to try them out for yourself head to your local Walmart. You can also find flavors like Sea Salt Caramel and Llama. Yes, that’s right there’s a llama flavor. Why is it called that? No idea, but it’s just a regular vanilla cupcake with frosting and sprinkles. Let me know if any of these are a smash or a pass!


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