Ever since the plant-based craze started people have been doing vegan everything. I would know since I have an entire vegan cookbook with recipes no one thought could be ‘veganized’. But one thing I didn’t expect is KFC having their own vegan version of chicken. That’s next level.

KFC first tested their Beyond Fried Chicken last year and it got an amazing response. So much so, that they’ve brought it back! Imagine someone who has been vegetarian/vegan for years. They’ve probably missed the smell and taste of chicken and thought they would never get to taste it again. Then imagine them finding out KFC has an entire line of it. I would be ecstatic.

The Beyond Fried Chicken comes in a four, six, or 12 piece. If you want a combo meal instead, it only comes in a six or 12 piece. You can get the full chicken experience since they give you an option of sauces. Yes, you can have your choice of buffalo, honey bbq, or Nashville hot.

If you want to try the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken, they’re only available in 70 locations so you’re going to have to check first. Luckily there’s an entire site dedicated to showing you exactly where to go. They’ll be available starting February 3rd which is this Monday. Is this a smash or a pass?


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