Already this seems like a smash. The fat kid in us all is screaming right now. Baby D would be so proud of this. Ice cream pizzas made by your favorite candies? Aw yeah, she would be the first on the block to get some. For a limited time, you can get your hands on them too by going to

Just peep at how delicious it looks. Like I would smash that in one sitting and I’m not ashamed. What makes this even better is that there are four flavors to choose from: Baby Ruth Ice Cream Pizza, Butterfinger Ice Cream Pizza, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pizza, and Crunch Ice Cream Pizza. Yeah, I need the chocolate chip cookie dough and Crunch ice cream pizzas fasho.

Again, you can find these at They’re a snack delivery service kind of like Postmates and UberEats. The ice cream pizzas are going to run you about $5.99. That’s truly a deal. What do you think? Is this an instant smash or a definite pass?


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