Ok, so a few months ago I told you all about Shake Shack’s new test kitchen. Do you all remember? This is where they were testing products like a chicken nugget. Well I’m happy to say that the test is done and it looks like those chicken bites passed it! You can find Shake Shack’s new Chick’n┬áBites in all locations!

Image result for chick'n bites

I like that really bougie Shake Shack in Buckhead Atlanta and their burgers are pretty delicious. I can only imagine what their chicken nuggets are like. Not to be messy, but…what if Shake Shack and Chick fil A end up having a McDonald’s vs. Burger King sized beef? Pun kind of intended. But seriously, will Shake Shack take the chicken nugget reign? Could these possibly be better?


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