Soooo, I’m here for all things related to salted caramel. After all, it’s the holiday season. I think this is the perfect time to enjoy the combo. Sweet. Salty. I’m here for it.

I think it’s the perfect accompaniment for things like caramel apple galettes. Click here for a recipe and see the video below.


Seeeeee! I think what the world needs more of is love and salted caramel. Besides, isn’t that the main ingredient in salted caramel? LOVE? By the way, is it me, or did the salted caramel craze start just a few years ago? Growing up, I don’t think I EVER remember salted caramel being a thing. But, they say salted caramel season begins right around the middle of October and it’s perfectly okay to enjoy until the Spring hits. Who even know this? Who knew that salted caramel had a season? LOL I find it to be hilarious.

Alas, when you go into your local neighborhood supermarket around this time of the year, we’re in salted caramel overload. So, I guess it really is a thing…and a thing I’m really sorta here for.

So, here comes Pepsi.

They’ve now introduced salted caramel cola. Interesting. *pauses to stare in to space a bit*

How bad COULD it be? I’m just not sure. I just checked Amazon. No luck. I figured I’d log into my Instacart account to see what’s popping Guess what?!?! It’s there.

Stay tuned for my salted caramel pepsi review before the day is out.

What about you? You good with Salted Caramel Pepsi?



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