Raising Cane’s Employee Fired After Going Viral for Stirring Tea with Bare Hand

Once again…a Greens and Gravy employee would never! A Raising Cane’s employee in KC (Kansas City, MO) was seen on Snapchat stirring tea with her arm. What is wrong with some of these people?

In the video above you can see the employee mix the tea with her entire forearm submerged in there (ew!) before pouring it in to their main tea container that feeds that location. Why? Someone please tell me why. Stuff like this makes me happy that I can cook my own food. But I do eat out and I never want this to happen to me. I definitely don’t want something like this happening to my customers.

Of course the two girls were fired but it just makes you wonder, how often do things like this really happen? It’s really frightening to think about. Especially if you’re not that great of a cook or just like to eat out often. If you saw this happen in your favorite restaurant what would you do?

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