Well this is new! Usually we have to be afraid of what secretly gets put in our food. From additives to corn syrup or just any other random chemical. I know I can’t be the only one that looks at the ingredients list, sees some random ten-letter word ending with a z, and then quickly puts that product back. But with this ice cream, you can be happy about their secret ingredient because it’s vegetables!

Yes y’all. Peekaboo Ice Cream is out here trying to sneak your daily dose of vegetables in with your dessert. Imagine not feeling guilty for letting your kids have some ice cream. So how is it done? Well they don’t just put any vegetable with any flavor. Peekaboo tries to mask it so apparently you don’t even taste it!

According to Delish, “the chocolate flavor is made with cauliflower, the cotton candy pint is made with beets, the mint chip ice cream is made with spinach, the strawberry one has carrots in it, and the vanilla flavor has hidden zucchini.” Unfortunately they’re only being sold on Peekaboo’s website now, and they aren’t in stores. Who’s down to try it anyway?


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