Love, Oreo

Oreo Has A Special Treat With Love In Time For Valentine’s Day!

We’re almost 3 weeks into 2019 y’all. Do you know what that means? That means it’s time to not be single because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you don’t have a bae to get you a present, now is the time to start looking! And if you already have one, here’s a great gift idea. This year, instead of a bouquet, get bae a package of vegan Valentine’s Day Oreos!

These are too cute. I honestly wouldn’t mind someone special sending me a package or two. Or three. These limited edition Love, Oreo cookies will have a delicious pink creme in the middle that apparently gives sweet and tangy vibes. I wonder if the pink creme is really a play on a strawberry type of flavor. As for the cookie part, each will have its own special love message. For instance, Dunk In Love, Lets Twist, and XOXO Oreo are just a few. Cute right? And we can’t forget the most important part, these cookies are vegan! So who’s getting some for bae and then another package for me?

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