It’s not even Thursday and we get a throwback.

Were you a fan of the dreamsicle? Lovely orange sherbert-ish ice cream with a lovely creamy vanilla center? The flavor is super popular.

There’s even a popular Dominican beverage that mimics the same flavors. It’s called Morir Sonando. It means “to die drinking.” I’m not sure if it’s because of the taste or the calories. Either way, it’s good. Lovely fresh squeezed orange juice gets mixed with delicious sticky sweetened condensed milk. Yup, good stuff.

Anyway, you can get your dreamsicle fix with M&M’s now. Only available at Dollar General, you can pick up a bag of Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s.

Here’s what we know. The orange and cream candy has a citrus flavored candy shell surrounding a white chocolate middle, creating a perfectly creamy experience that’s definitely worth trying…for the nostalgia alone.

Okay…who can send me a bag to try? Pretty please…


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