Valentine’s Day is literally next week and I feel like most of us don’t have a valentine in sight. Ok, maybe that’s just me projecting because I’m single but whatever. This one Valentine’s Day gift is universal though. Olive Garden has a breadstick bouquet that anyone could love. 

If you don’t appreciate a gift like this you’re just ungrateful. Do y’all understand how good Olive Garden breadsticks are? They’re right up there with Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits. Honestly, Red Lobster should do something like this for Valentine’s Day. I’d love about two dozen biscuits in a heart-shaped box (hint, hint if I have a lil crush out there). 

If you want your boobae to get you a bouquet or if you want to get one for all your Galentine’s you can do so starting February 13th. They even have a tiny box of their chocolate mints too. Will you be getting some for your Valentine?


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