Ben & Jerry’s is going through a major rebrand this year. For years their slogan was “made from happy cows” and the packaging has had cows with smiles on their faces. Most of us probably didn’t look twice at this, but the Organic Consumer Association (OCA) was not having it. They sued Ben & Jerry’s for false advertisement.


The OCA filed their suit against Ben & Jerry’s in July of 2018 with the hopes of getting them to remove any form of marketing that couldn’t be proven by facts. That’s a little intense. The OCA had their foot on Ben & Jerry’s neck and was not letting up! 

I do understand the severity of false advertising. It is dangerous and can lead to some really bad results. However, is this going a little far? It’s not like Ben & Jerry’s lied about any of their ingredients, they just said the cows were happy. Honestly I never really took them seriously I just thought it was a cute slogan. 

The OCA sure took them seriously though. They believe saying the cows are happy implies each facility has a safe and clean environment and that each cow is treated fairly. Something that isn’t necessarily able to be proven. Technically they’re right but I’m not sure I would have sought out a lawsuit. The consumer association certainly reached their goal though because Ben & Jerry’s is complying. 

Personally I would have left it alone but hey I could be wrong. What do you think? Is the Organic Consumer Association being a tad bit extra? Or are they doing their job?


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