New Study Says Americans Waste 1 lb. of Food Daily

I’m sure by now Americans are used to bad stats when it comes to our eating habits, but this one did surprise me a little. According to a study done by PLOS, Americans waste about a pound of food daily because we’re trying to eat healthier.

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Now I know you’re like wait hold up what are they trying to say? Well according to the study, 22 food groups were observed and fruits and vegetables were wasted the most. It turns out because their life span is so short, they’re going to waste really, really quickly.

We’ve all seen the banana with the one black spot on it and have thrown it out. But instead of wasting, find useful ways to still use your fruit. Baking is a great way to get rid of some fruit that may be too ripe. Turn those bananas in to muffins and those apples in to a pie! Now who’ll be taking a closer look at how much food they throw out from now on?

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    College students, all of these early mornings might repay.

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