As if we needed a more convenient way to put on some pounds with tasty snacks, Nestle drops these beauties. Ice cream sandwiches are always a hit. The combination of cookies and ice cream is up there with peanut butter and jelly. It’s almoooost unparalleled. Almost.

However, ice cream sandwiches aren’t perfect. Most of the time they’re kind of big and can become a bit of a mess while you’re eating them. I’m pretty sure that’s their only flaw but it’s an important one. Now you don’t have to worry about it with this new dessert snack. The Nestle Toll House Mini Vanilla Chocolate Chip Sandwiches are bite-sized and come in a pack of 12. I told you it was a more convenient way to put on pounds. 

I’m starting to think Nestle Toll House is doing this on purpose. I thought to eat the pack of Nestle Toll House raw cookie dough was as bad as it could get. I should have known they wouldn’t stop there and make something just as good in perfect bite-size form. I mean these things are basically screaming, “finish the whole pack, you can do it!”

If they come out with more flavors this could really be a hit. Imagine snickerdoodle cookie flavored. My mouth is salivating at the thought but I’m not giving out any more of my ideas since Nestle isn’t cutting a check. Anyways, I’m definitely ready to try these. When they hit the shelves I’ll be there ready to stuff some in my freezer. What about you? Are these the sweet snack you’ve been needing or are you giving them a hard pass?


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