I’m so excited to announce my new holiday cookbook – 101 Recipes for Your Holiday Table. It’s here and ready for you to download!


Here’s the book cover:


  1. Hi good evening, I’m trying to purchase Your holiday cookbook. I’m having difficulty can you instruct me on how to purchase it please thanks

  2. Will there ever be a hard copy released or was all the mailing and complaining too much? I love to collect classic books and this one would be so beautiful. I ordered a few and had zero problems on delivery. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. Darius, congratulações por criar o seu novo livro. Tenho orgulho de você. DEUS fez de você um homem otimista em relação ao futuro. Admiro sua criatividade e dedicação a gastronomia.

  4. I’ve purchased this book back on 11/20 but never received a hard copy, but I do have an ebook copy. Was I not suppose to get the actual book? I’m confused.


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