Guys, it’s the last week of January. That means it’s the last week of our vegan recipes. I can’t lie I’m a little upset. I’m going to miss showing you all the work I put into Vegan, But With Soul. Our lives were lit, ok!? Sharing with you always fun, and I love it when you all show me your creations! To kick off the first of the last vegan news stories here’s something I know both vegans and aspiring vegans would love to hear. Miyoko’s Kitchen is coming out with some new vegan cheeses!

Image result for miyokos kitchen vegan cheese wheel

Now, I know most of you who come to my site aren’t vegan, or that knowledgeable on how vegan substitutes work so let me help you out. How is vegan cheese a thing you’re asking? Well, just like how other vegan substitutes for food are made. With beans and vegetables! Yup, most of this stuff is plant-based. A lot of products are usually made with nuts too. There will be multiple flavors of this plant-based vegan cheese available soon like cheddar, pepper jack, and American. Will you be grabbing some when they hit the shelves this Spring?

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