Do you know the saying, “take something and run with it”? Well, that’s what Heinz did. Do you remember when I told you about Mayochup? The mayonnaise and ketchup combination Heinz created a while ago? I mean that’s basically mild sauce when you take about it. Give a take a few seasonings, right? One day I’ll actually do a mild sauce recipe. Anyway, Mayochup was only the beginning. Heinz saw the opportunity to make not only Mayochup, but also Mayocue and Mayomust.

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That mayocue might be the best chipotle sauce I’ve seen in a minute. I mean that’s basically what mayonnaise and barbecue sauce makes when they come together right? I’m not sure how I feel about the Mayomust though. I don’t think I’m interested in any mustard sauces unless there’s some kick to them. I need some spice, ok? If you want to try these for your next cookout, they should be on the shelves everywhere. Which one is your favorite?


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