Y’all I’m so tired of this. I really am. In November 2015, Emory Ellis, a black homeless man, went to a Boston Burger King with $10 to buy something to eat. Well instead of getting a meal, he was arrested because they called the police thinking the money was counterfeit. Let’s just stop right here for a second. Who even checks $10 bills to begin with?!

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Anyway, not only was Emory arrested, but he was also held in jail for three months. Three months on charges of counterfeit money. Seriously? The secret service determined the bill was real and he was released. Now that he’s a free man, Emory is suing Burger King in a $1 million lawsuit for racial discrimination.

Burger King released a statement saying they don’t tolerate any form of discrimination, but decided not to comment on the open lawsuit. I really hope and pray Emory gets justice from this. And I’m tired…nah. I’m exhausted, fed up, and so done with seeing this happen to us.


  1. The counterfeit detection pens only worked on old bills. They changed the pens formula to work on the new bills much later. But if they still have a vault full of old pens they’ll continue getting the same result.


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