Krispy Kreme Gets Voted America’s #1 Coffee Shop Brand!

Say what?! Krispy Kreme has taken over as the number coffee spot in America over Starbucks! Not even Caribou Coffee or Dunkin’ Donuts y’all. Krispy Kreme. The same Harris Poll’s EquiTrend survey that rated Taco Bell over Chipotle rated Krispy Kreme America’s best coffee shop brand.

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Krispy Kreme is usually known for their amazing and soft donuts that get sold by the dozen. I remember last year in Chicago, a new location in Homewood opened up. For at least three days (maybe a week) the line was out of the parking lot. I was in line one night for about an hour at the drive thru.

Most people don’t really think about the coffee but apparently it’s taking over. Last February Krispy Kreme released two new coffee flavors: Soft and Rich. The soft blend for mild coffee drinkers, and the rich for those want a bolder flavor. Apparently they did something right.

In Atlanta it’s raining and now I have a taste for a nice glazed and strawberry donut with a cup of Rich Krispy Kreme coffee. Who else is going out to get some?

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