Wow, I’ve seen a lot of interesting food creations in my time. Most of them are ones I’ve made myself. You can search this site and find recipes for things you didn’t even know could exist. After reading go and explore! But this? I might have to recreate to this just to see what the hype is about. KFC is trying to kick things up a notch with a mac and cheese chicken sandwich called the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger. But here’s the catch, it’s only in China.

Image result for mac and cheese zinger

I’m so annoyed at this point y’all. Why do all the fast food places give the newest and coolest products¬†to their locations overseas? I know the United States is having our issues more than ever right now but come on y’all we still deserve nice things. The Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger has a fried mac and cheese ‘bun’, cheese, turkey bacon (not even pork bacon y’all), lettuce, and of course the Zinger chicken fillet. If any of you are traveling to Singapore¬†anytime soon please tell me what you think. In the meantime, I just might try to recreate this!


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