If Bey and Jay can be down with the vegan lifestyle then it just might take over the world. Don’t underestimate the power of the BeyHive. Remember when I told you all about the Greenprint? Yes, just like Jay-Z’s classic album The Blueprint. The Carters teamed up with Marco Borges to create the Greenprint Project, a project dedicated to exploring the vegan lifestyle and make better decisions for our planet based on how we eat. As part of this project, Jay-Z has committed to having two plant-based meals a day for 22 days.

The Greenprint is not only a project, but also a book by Marco Borges with introductions from Jay and Queen Bey. Yeah, they’ve been about this vegan lifestyle for a while now. No, they’re not completely vegan but they’re advocating for the movement for sure. What do you all think? Clearly, there are a lot of health benefits from not eating meat, and if Beyoncé advocates for something we should probably listen. If you want to start trying some vegan meals with soul, you know I have some of the best recipes here on my site! Don’t forget my Vegan, But With Soul Cookbook is out now!


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