If you didn’t know, tomorrow is National Avocado Day! Yup so best believe at least one place is having an avocado type deal, and that’s right it’s Chipotle! Tomorrow to celebrate you can get free guac!

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For all the real Chipotle goers, there’s certain struggles you know. If it’s not the ‘ok, is that really a scoop of meat’ struggle then it’s the ‘guac is how much?!’ struggle. Well tomorrow that problem won’t exist as you can get it free if you order online or through the app. Just use the code AVOCADO and enjoy!


  1. Hi Darius,
    I just found your page online (I’m in Australia!!) MY GOD THE FOOD IS INCREDIBLE!!!
    I’ve found a recipe that was on one of your videos but not on the website- Tequila Braised Short Rib Tacos.
    Could you please send a link of the recipe as I’d love to make it.
    Keep up the magnificent work mate, I am a hooked!!
    Best regards
    Ben Clayton
    Perth Western Australia.


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