Being single on Valentine’s Day is never fun. I mean it’s the one day where you’re kind of forced to find someone special. No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a loved one or a friend usually you’re with someone special. However, this time you can actually celebrate being single with free wings from Hooters! All you have to do is shred your ex.

Ok, no you don’t literally have to shred former boo. That’s illegal. But what you can do is come in with a picture of your ex and the girls at Hooters will shred it for you. I call that a win regardless of if I get free wings or not. There is somewhat of a catch though. You only receive your 10 free wings of you have to buy 10 wings first.

Not a terrible deal right? I would bring pictures of all my exes just because. Make sure you head to Hooters this Friday to take advantage of it! Free wings never hurt anyone and if I have to shred every ex I’ve had since the first grade to do it then I’m all for it!


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