Around these parts, we give honor where honor is due.

I’ve been knowing of Quentin Love for quite some time. Way back before there was a “DariusCooks,” there was this eager little kid in his 20’s that was operating a few food trucks and a cupcake shop in Chicago. I did a pretty good job making a bit of a name for myself. Being fresh on the scene, I found myself meeting lots of folks in the food and restaurant industries. Quentin was one of them.

Before there was his new joint, Turkey Chop, there was the eatery I got to know and love, Quench! Quench had a few locations around the city and was known for dishing up fast causal flavor without beef, pork, extra added colors, additives, or sugars. I remember the turkey tacos being quite tasty. I actually used to pass Quentin on our runs to Restaurant Depot here and there. Now, he owns and operates Turkey Chop. It’s a restaurant on the West Side of Chicago that boasts as a gourmet grill with no beef or pork products.

We recently discovered that Quentin has competed on the popular Food Network show, Guy’s Grocery Games. As hometown talent should always do, Quentin has blown his competition out of the water. He took home a $36k cash prize and he’s decided to donate half of that to support his restaurant’s soup kitchen program. He’s donating the other half to the USO (United Service Organization). That’s an organization that helps military service members and their families.

It’s good to see some really great positive news coming out of the Windy City. We wish Quentin and his programs all the best! To check out his restaurant, head to his website by clicking here. Also, be sure to catch the airing of the show by viewing the schedule here.

1601387_10151949117676076_1411921916500598577_nThe line is wrapped around the building for Quentin’s program to feed the hungry!


Volunteers come from Kansas to assist with the outreach efforts.



Another shot of the line to grab access to food via Quentin’s program.

988529_10152678559246076_3779702893418297540_nGiving away necessary items to those in need.


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