Hold Up, There’s a VEGAN Cereal Latte At Starbucks?!

Wait, wait, wait. I’ve seen a lot of different things. Hell, I’ve made many, many different types of food myself. But I didn’t think I would see a cereal latte anytime soon! Starbucks is taking creativity to another level with this cereal latte. And, yes, there’s something even more interesting about the latte. It’s vegan!

Image result for cereal latte

I know you’re wondering how there could be a cereal¬†latte. And I know you’re wondering if it will taste good. So let’s get into it! How does a latte become a vegan cereal latte? Well, by using cereal powder and dairy-free oat milk! Ingenius right? The powder includes things like barley, oat, and wheat.

Now, there’s one tiny catch. Eh, ok it’s kind of a giant catch. This new drink might only be available in the UK. Yeah, I know. I’m tired of them getting all the good stuff too. However, if you did want more interesting vegan options you can make them yourself! All you have to do is join here for my Vegan, But With Soul recipes!

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