I think this is a life-long debate between kitchen dwellers. What should go in the fridge, versus what shouldn’t. I’ll admit. Even until this day, I still do certain things out of a force of habit. I’m not sure. It’s the grandmother in me. If she did it, then I do it.

Don’t we all still put bleach in our dish water? I literally can’t wash a set of dishes without it.

I digress.

Here’s what you should refrigerate and why:

Maple Syrup – mold can form on the outside of the bottle. Who knew?

Mayo – no brainer, right? It’s made with eggs. They’ll spoil if left at room temperature.

Nut-Based Oils – Sesame & peanut are two oils that come to mind. Many times, these aren’t refined oils and you use them in their purest forms. They’ll go rancid on you…quickly – so keep them chilled.

Ketchup – Okay…here’s the deal. If you plan on using the ketchup within, let’s say 30 days, then no need to chill it. If you plan on keeping it around longer than that, off to the fridge it goes. Basically, keep it chilled.

Mustard…sometimes – Dijon & horseradish based mustards should always go. But, for the others, it’s a matter of preference. It all depends on if you like cold mustard or not. Sometimes the temperature contrast between a warm sausage and cold mustard make all the difference in the world.

Here’s what you shouldn’t refrigerate:

Soy Sauce – LOL it’s already spoiled. No, it’s fermented already – so the delicious damage is done.

Hot Sauce – They’re all vinegar based! No need to chill.

Honey – If you put it in the fridge, it’ll change composition and crystalize. Thus, making it harder to use.

What are some things you normally don’t refrigerate?


  1. I say there’s no need to refrigerate salted butter (real butter). If you use it frequently and keep it in a covered porcelain butter dish its good for a few days.. Even up to a couple weeks at room temp as long as its under 70 degrees.


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