Happy Anniversary Greens & Gravy!

Guys it has been one year since I began my dream. Greens & Gravy is officially one years old! I am so, so proud. This is what I’ve been dreaming of. I did it because I knew the kind of food that fed me for decades. We didn’t have fancy food. We were poor. All we had were greens and gravy. I wanted to celebrate that, the food, and how it sustained me. I wanted to make my grandmother proud. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be recognized for those efforts.

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Thank you to all the supporters who have eaten at my restaurant. Because of you all I have been recognized as top ten restaurant in Atlanta, and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal! And of course thank you to Macy’s for having me a part of the Macy’s Culinary Council!

I am so, so grateful for all the support and I can’t wait to do so much more with Greens & Gravy going forward!

  • Lala

    Awesome Darius To God Be All The Glory

    June 12, 2018
  • Mary Beverly

    Congratulations Blessings in Abundance there is much more yet to come, thinking of Grandmoms who hold a very Special place in our hearts❤s, She shares in your success as she smiles down on you Proudly.

    June 17, 2018
  • Michelle Ivy

    YOU WIN!!!

    June 17, 2018
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