What’s the one thing your kids need to have more? No, not love or water or more sleep. Sugar! Every kid loves when there’s a new sugary cereal out to satisfy their taste buds. Plus we all know kids secretly love to get on your nerves when they’re on a sugar rush. If you don’t mind indulging your kid a little bit more, then head to the grocery store because Fruity Lucky Charms are on store shelves now!

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I’m sure you’re wondering what fruit is used to flavor the new cereal. If you took a look at the box and saw the purple-ish color and assumed berry, you were kind of right. According to JunkBanter, Fruity Lucky Charms actually tastes like Trixberry. That sounds good, right? If that’s not the fruit you were hoping for, at least you still have the trusted marshmallows. Will you be trying the new flavor?


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